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These are some systems that we have available:

VR/AR/MR Head-Mounted Displays

We have acquired several of the newly released VR headsets in the Lab:

VR-Ready Workstations

We have two 3D visualization/VR workstations, with high-end Nvidia graphics card. With these high powered specifications, the workstations provide a useful platform for many visualization and virtual reality applications. These applications interface with many displays and camera technologies to create an immersive visualization experience.

Optitrack Motion Capture System

Coming Soon.

INSTA360 PRO 360 Video Camera

  • 360 Video Camera

VizSpace II

Ideum Platform 46 Touch Table combined with 3D projector to create an immersive gesture and touch table. Initially designed at Clemson University, we are in the process of creating a second version.

Structure sensor

Structure sensor enables scanning and 3D reconstruction of human body.

Virtual Reality (VR) Club

We are in the process of creating a student-led VR club, which will feature a variety of virtual and augmented reality headsets to help students, faculty and researches develop projects for VR.