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Hunter College:

  • Fall 2020: CSCI39545 Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
  • Fall 2020: CSCI39594 Advanced Visualization Tools
  • Fall 2020: CSCI49800 Supervised Research
  • Spring 2020: CSCI23500 Software Analysis and Design II
  • Fall 2019: CSCI39594 Advanced Visualization Tools

Clemson University, 2016-2019:

  • Instructor, Introduction to Visualization and Virtual Reality
  • Instructor,Visualizing Scientific and Engineering Data
  • Instructor,Visualizing Research Data using Tableau, D3.js and Gephi
  • Instructor, Using Machine Learning (R and Python) with Tableau
  • Instructor, Scientific Visualization with Paraview, VMD, VisIt
  • Instructor, 3D Scanning and Animation using Adobe Fuse and Photoshop

Virginia Tech, Spring/Fall 2014:

  • Instructor, High Performance Visualization
  • Guest Lecturer, CS 5754 Virtual Environments: VR Software and Development

University College London, 2008 – 2012

  • Teaching Assistant, COMP6008 MultiMedia Computing
    Taught classes on Web Graphics (X3D)
  • Teaching and Lab Assistant, COMPGV07 Virtual Environments
    Taught classes on Mixed Reality, Tracking and Interaction
  • Lab Assistant, COMPGV10 Computer Graphics
    Led lab sessions and assisted students with coursework
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