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Utilizing Paraview to Visualize and Analyze FNDC1

Asmita Deb

Week 1

This week we first started by bowling and getting to know everybody that we would be working with for the next 8 weeks. It was a great team bonding experience and by Monday, when we stepped into Hunter College, everything went smoothly! We went up to a conference room and met with the mentors of everyone in the REU and then we took a tour of the college itself. We came back up and were told our tasks for the week and then left. The next few days were dedicated to creating a proposal for our project that would satisfy our mentor, Dr. Wole, and ourselves. On Wednesday we submitted and discussed our drafted proposals and then finalized them to be submitted on Overleaf. Throughout this we also watched many lecture videos that introduced us to VR/AR and the research tools we would be using. The project that I am planning on focusing on is the utilization of Paraview, a scientific visualization software, to analyze and visualize a protein called FNDC1 whose overexpression is associated with multiple cancers.

Week 2

This week I worked on my literature review. I found about 4-5 sources about the protein, FNDC1, and also using visualization software and how it could benefit the research of understudied proteins. This was the first time I used OverLeaf, but it was easy to get the hang of. I also played around with Paraview all week and downloaded both of my files. I’ve been editing them, but I will be also trying VMD next week, just to see the differences. I also figured out what type of user study I wanted to conduct and what I wanted to specifically write about in my paper. Throughout the week I also enjoyed good food, fun activities, and bonding with the other interns!

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