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Chase the stars

Ralph ”Blake” Vente, Boubacar Diallo, Natanael Feitosa

This game is modeled after the independently produced game Race the Sun. When the user launches the game they are transported into a game world with an “infinite” plane before them. Upon this plane lies their in-game avatar, the “hovercar” model. The hovercar begins moving slowly and then picks up speed. This carries the hovercar towards a track with walls surrounding the in-bounds game environment, and within this track, there are rocks, targets, and power-up items that spawn. The objective of the user is to survive as long as possible to accrue the highest score they can. The user will be awarded flat bonuses for every objective target that they collide with. They will suffer one unit of “damage” to their vehicle with every obstacle they hit. The power-up will be a “shield” and gives invincibility so players can “phase through” the boulders. The user will be able toggle their point of view of the plane from first person perspective to a 3rd person perspective. We implemented two perspectives so we can gauge which perspective allows the user to feel more immersed in the game and causes the least amount of motion sickness.

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