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Week 1

Or Butbul


After landing in a sunny New York and unpacking my bags, I headed down to the lobby to meet the group of people that would be living in the same residence as me, we all went together to go bowling with the rest of the group and we had a lot of fun! The next day was spent touring the college, meeting the professors, and starting to talk about proposals. Initially I was drawn to a project focusing on Motion Capture. After reading the bulk of articles focusing on Motion Capture I decided to shift my focus more towards graphics. My proposal was accepted after the class we had on wednesday and I spent my time refining it on Thursday. Friday was spent learning Paraview and exploring the city


Week 2

This week focused on completing the preliminary material. I have been working on the CITI training materials as well as the literature review for the beginnings of my paper. I have been having an issue with my base university that has been stopping me from connecting to the internet here and limiting the things I can do while we meet. I hope to resolve the issue before the beginning of next week, as well as set up a remote desktop so I will be able to access a faster computer to render my virtual humans. Outside of the project, I have been trying many new restaurants and getting to know my cohort. Talking about each others project has given us a clarity about our ideas and goals in our projects.

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