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VR/AR/MR Portfolio

  • EU FP7 Beaming Project

    EU FP7 Beaming Project
    The EU Beaming project aims to give people a real sense of physically being in a remote location with other people, and vice versa, without ...
  • Attention Model

    Attention Model
    This research models automatic attention behaviour using a saliency model that generates plausible targets for combined gaze and head motions. The attention model was integrated ...
  • EU Presenccia Project

    EU Presenccia Project
    Group Collaboration in three heterogeneous systems: CAVE, XIM and Real-world Presenccia in Second Life
  • EPSRC Eye Catching Project

    EPSRC Eye Catching Project
    The project aimed to support eye-gaze as a key interaction resource in collaboration. The virtual characters are controlled by human subjects in a cave-like facility ...
  • PhD Research

    PhD Research
    Title “Eye Tracking: A Perceptual Interface for Content Based Image Retrieval” Visual search experiments are devised to explore the feasibility of an eye gaze driven search ...
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