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Immersive Remote Telepresence and Self-Avatar Project

Deshanae Morris, Farmingdale State College

Week 1:

The first week of the REU program began on the 2nd of June where I got to meet the group I would be working with for the next 8 weeks over a fun game of bowling. Everyone was extremely welcoming and although I utterly failed the game that day I still enjoyed myself. The following day, the group got to know their mentors and toured Hunter College. For the remainder of the week, I dedicated my time to brainstorming unique ideas and diligently working on drafting and finalizing my research proposal. I also conducted a literature review to ensure that my proposal was unique. While there is still a significant amount of work ahead, I am excited about the journey and look forward to achieving much more in the upcoming weeks.

Week 2:

During the second week of the REU program, I continued to develop my proposal, literature review, and methodology. This past week has been dedicated to understanding the technical aspects of my study to begin implementing my methodology. Dr. Wole has introduced the REU group to various applications and concepts related to 3D modeling and virtual reality systems, enhancing our familiarity with these tools. I have been practicing more with Reallusion as I will need it for my research paper, but I still have much more work to do to produce my final product.

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